Saturday, February 19, 2005

People Can't Drive

I don't know why, but everyone on the road is a terrible driver (except me, of course.) The other day I was driving to Lansing and it was raining quite heavily. Quite a few people didn't even have their headlights on! Here's a hint for all you idiots out there: if at least 90% of the other drivers on the road have their headlights on, you probably should too. And what's with people turning on their foglights all the time? They're called FOG lights for a reason. They help other people see you in the fog. When it's not foggy, they just blind everyone else on the road. You aren't impressing anyone by turning them on, so knock it off! And turn off your high beams when someone is coming in the other direction. It isn't that hard...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I Hate the Super Bowl

I hate the Super Bowl. Actually, I hate all professional sports and sporting events. Who wants to watch a bunch of overpaid, overweight buffoons clobber each other? I really don't understand the appeal. If anyone wants to explain it to me, please go ahead.

Friday, February 04, 2005

A Picture of Me

This is a picture of me. Since I'm using a Mac, I can't use blogger's Hello software. Instead, I'm using to host the picture.

Free Image Hosting at

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions as to what you'd like me to write about, please leave a comment.

My First Post

Well, I broke down and started my own blog today. I've never had any kind of website before, so this is kind of neat. I'm not really sure what kind of things to write about here, but since nobody will ever read it anyway, I guess it doesn't really matter. One thing I'll be sure not to do is use the wrong spelling for words (their vs. there, for instance) because I really hate that.